Over 15 years in the Solar Energy industry

Our company is the result of joining a senior executive team with over 35 years of professional activity and over 15 years of experience in top companies of the Solar Industry, as Siliken, Isofoton and others. We have managed hundreds of solar projects worldwide and collaborated with top class customers. We have structured the financing of dozens of renewable projects.

Manufacture of components: (modules and inverters) 637 MW
Financial and legal structuring of renewable energy projects 2.569 MW
Development, engineering and EPC 1.249 MW
Projects currently under development 1.122 MW
Maintenance and Technical Service 260 MW
Acting worldwide

Working with top class customers

Solar PV Modules

Inverters and Power Stations

Structures and Trackers

  • Deep knowledge of the technologies and production processes involved in the complete photovoltaic value chain.
  • Planning, installation and commissioning of production lines (both automatic and semi -automatic).
  • Relationship with the most important producer companies.
  • Full range of testing & inspection knowledge.
  • Solar module supply agreements (MSA).
  • Inverters and other components supply agreements.
  • Quality assurance programs.


Capabilities in development, engineering and construction
  • Feasibility studies, site location.
  • Solar resource and Energy production assessments.
  • Conceptual design, project cost budgeting.
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) and interconnection assessment.
  • Project development.
  • Technical due diligence / Independent  & Owner’s engineering.
  • Project engineering. Detailed design / Design and engineering review.
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC).
  • Design optimization.
  • Construction and commissioning.
  • Provisional acceptance and definitive acceptance test.
  • Mechanical, substantial and final completion tests.




Capabilities in operation and asset management
  • PV asset optimization through full scope PV system analysis (on site/off site).
  • Operation and Maintenance.
  • Performance oversight and yield monitoring.
  • Analysis of solar modules performance and availability data verification.
  • Monitoring system “troubleshooting” and design of ad-hoc solutions.
  • On-site assistance.
  • Contract negotiation of the purchase/sale of PV power plants.
  • Economical and technical valuation of PV power plants.
  • Finance & Accounting management and Tax & Legal Support.