EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracting
For investors, owners and operators of solar energy plants, we offer state of the art EPC services, providing our customer with the best technologies available at any moment in time, helping them to understand how these technologies will perform in their projects, and how they will affect to the profitability of the plant in the long run. We manage the construction and procurement processes with the highest standards for safety and quality, helping our customers to build highly reliable and durable solar energy plants.


O&M: Operation and Maintenance Contracting and Asset Management
Plant operation and maintenance services are rendered as well to investors, owners and operators. Applying the right technics to anticipate failures or future underperformance is key to get the highest plant availability and performance possible, which will lead to obtain the best profitability for the plant owner.

Once the projects are built and have entered in operation, we also provide the management of the administration and legal matters to our customers.
Design and engineering
Our Engineering team applies the most accurate design and simulation technics to get the most out of the project, running dozens of scenarios to obtain the optimal design. With the engineers supervision of the complete construction of the project, the start of operation and the establishment of the right O&M strategies, we guarantee the best energy performance out of the plant.

Investment and financing
We help projects owners to build the right technical, financial and profitability information. The proper description of the project virtues, risks mitigation and securities determine the attractiveness of a project.

Other services provided include:
  • Partner search for equity investments.
  • Management of specific requests for investments.
  • Contacts with investment funds in the main economic markets: London, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York.
  • Search for funding for projects.
  • Collaboration with multinational financial institutions.
  • Contracts with large private banking.

Technical and Strategic Consulting in Manufacturing of PV Modules
Our team started in the solar energy field in 2001 as producers of photovoltaic modules, with the peculiarity that developed and designed all production machines and processes for our own facilities, which gave us a very good understanding of how to design and produce high quality high performing PV modules, proven with the award PhotonLab 1st position in 2010.


Technical and Strategic Consulting in Manufacturing Localization and Technology Transfer
We accumulate a deep knowledge of the production processes of the main components of a solar PV plant modules, inverters, solar trackers and structure, what enables us to support in technical and strategic consultancy.

We search for partners worldwide for manufacturing localization and technology transfer and drive the full process, from agreement negotiation to production start.